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    31st Aug 2019 by

    Welcome to my new blog. Look over my shoulder as I reflect… Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

  • About Me

    31st Aug 2019 by

    My name is Stephen Kingsnorth. I am 67 and retired from ministry in the Methodist Church, living in north Wales. To retain appearance on this blog, a piece must be accepted by a publisher and/or ‘liked’ by a reader. I have had pieces accepted for publication by Nine Muses Poetry; Voices Poetry; Eunoia Review; Runcible Spoon; Ink Sweat and Tears;… Read more

  • Whacks and Wain

    3rd Apr 2020 by

    The Moon and Sleep, Simeon Solomon, 1894 Endymion, forever young –but dreaming permits anything,uncontrolled by conscious mind,what secrets are unloosed, unseen?The past alone seeps through the haze,initial test of fear enclosed,beneath the surface, delible,rehearsed until the scare dispersed. The Luna script, argentum wight,at dead of night, the sliver slip,a lining under lidded tightsshines silvered mirror,… Read more

  • Frontliners

    2nd Apr 2020 by

    Beyond the pale, these frontier folk,except, that front both moved and changed,just as the daily weather map,whether a high or low approach.My front has isolation glaze,bow window pain, a fender bend.And closer home the mask of gauzetrussed over zygomatic archsupported ears, hide nose and mouth,but Covid ball invades the masque. Would that were so the… Read more

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