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    31st Aug 2019 by

    Welcome to my blog. Look over my shoulder as I reflect… Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

  • About Me

    31st Aug 2019 by

    My name is Stephen Kingsnorth. I am 68 and retired from ministry in the Methodist Church, living in north Wales. To retain appearance on this blog, a piece must be accepted by a publisher and/or ‘liked’ by a reader. I have had some 300 poems accepted by 40 publishers, for publication online by Nine Muses Poetry, Voices Poetry, Eunoia Review… Read more

  • Global Bling

    8th May 2021 by

    He wore a necklace, flaming gold,bling dripping ring, as took a bow,the billow, bellow of revenge,a township out for summer fun. She chuckled as she tipped her glass,companion, constant, doggy flesh,row octave bottles, breakfast skid,her tapping, song of nursery. Girl traded baubles, Hindu gods,dressed garlands, petals, mela led,boys splashing, river, by the pyres,recycled laughter, tour-catch… Read more

  • Pupil

    8th May 2021 by

    It’s war that’s torn this aperture –what f-stop for his photoshoot?and could wide angled lens show more?for pixels speak when words expire.I read the face, this ancient child,a balance – longing, tempered fear,the apprehension written large,made old through early learning years. What holds, this prospect, outside world,threat, opportunity unfold,a chink in armour, or a chanceto… Read more

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